Price: kr.150.000


The northern lights are often described as being: magical, spiritual, beautiful, moving, mystical, breathtaking, transfixing, unique and a must see in you life! Our Private Northern Lights Tour is the perfect way to witness the spectacular natural phenomenon in a special evening, tailored to you.

This stunning light display occurs high in the upper atmosphere of the earth as a result of solar winds colliding with the magnetic field of our planet. Our Northern Lights team works hard throughout the day, checking on weather data in order to best predict a location where the lights should be clearly visible. The locations visited are variable each day as we head in the direction with the most chances of seeing Northern Lights.

We operate our private Northern Lights tours on a comfortable coaches equipped with WiFi. Our expert guides are on hand to provide you with a magical and memorable experience. Our tour additionally include a visit to the Aurora Museum and light refreshments to warm you up.

Please note the tour price is per vehicle, not per passenger.