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If you want to see some whales and seabirds then this Whale Watching tour from Keflavík airport is a great start (Keflavík airport pickup is offered)

80% success rate in whale watching

While sailing towards the whales we follow the coastline so you can enjoy the rich bird live in the lava cliffs. Frequent whales that are spotted included Guillemots, Arctic Skua, Gannets along with other species.

About the Whales
The sea off the Reykjanes Peninsula coast is an important habitat for these marine mammals. It is mainly a a seasonal feeding ground that is rich in Plankton and offers fish like Herring, Cod, Haddock, Capelin, and Send Eel in the best possible conditions. It is very common to find White Beaked dolpins that are around 2.8 meters long. 10 meter long Mink Whales, 15m long Humpback whales and occasionally we will ser Orcas (9m long), Sei Whales (19m long) and Fin Whales (22m long)

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Whale Watching Reykjanes